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  Analysis and conceptual design
Feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, economic and technical analyses, master plans, integrated infrastructure concepts, conceptual studies of plants, preliminary planning and conceptual engineering

Project Development
Our core business is to find and promote renewable energy business by generating electricity through hydro, solar power, wind and dendro power. Apart from our core business we offer our expertise throughout the entire power project value chain.

Research & Feasibility Studies
CEP is a renowned institution facilitating and coordinator for Renewable energy project based research studies and compilation of prefeasibility and feasibility level studies. These studies are being carried out for the clients.

Project Management & Consultation
The expertise and experience of the technical and management teams at CEP and the consultants associated with us have resulted in an edge over the competitor in quality of the services delivered under project management & consultation activities.

Engineering and contract award
General planning, basic engineering, permit planning, detail engineering, plant specification/functional specifications, tendering, bid evaluation, contract award recommendation and negotiations, preparation of contracts

Checking of drawings, factory acceptance, specialist site management and supervision, coordination of commissioning, acceptance at completion, documentation, trial operation and warranty support
Interface coordination, project steering, general project supervision, health and safety coordination, training and instruction

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